Spider Grundo
Spider grundo copy
Name Spider Grundo
home Unknown
Implied to reside in The Haunted Woods
Species Grundo/Spider Hybrid
Gender Male
Alignment Evil
"...Step closer my pretty, I won't hurt you.... much..."

– Spider Grundo, Gallery Of Evil

The Spider Grundo is a villain created by Dr. Sloth through horrific experiments on a Grundo assistant.


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Gallery of Evil Description

...Step closer my pretty, I won't hurt you.... much...

This evil creature was once a Grundo before Dr Sloth made him the subject of his experiments. Now the Spider Grundo terrorises all who venture into his web.

Dr. Sloth created The Spider Grundo by forcing one of his assistants to drink the arachnomorph potion, a formula Dr. Sloth invented to aid him in his conquest of Neopia; however, Dr. Sloth forgot to add mind-control powder to the formula, and so The Spider Grundo escaped. Not much else is known, other than that he now terrorizes and presumably devours anyone who stumbles into his web. Even his location is unknown, all that is known is he lives in a cave somewhere in the outskirts of Neopia, as those who wander into his cave never live to tell the tale.

In NeoQuest II, he is mind-controlled by Edna and forced to cast a spell to halt the sun, causing eternal daytime in The Haunted Woods . When broken from the spell, he does not remember what happened, but suggests to Rohane that they should ask Balthazar.


M4045 92d47
The Spider Grundo is a green grundo with spider legs and fangs. His belly is sometimes shown with a red hourglass design on it, and recently he is shown wearing what appears to be a black shirt and black pants. His spider-legs have barbs on them, and he only has six spider legs (8 legs total if you count his natural legs).

As the Grundo Design has changed, so has The Spider Grundo's. His head has become more defined, he has become less chubby, and his artwork has become more detailed.


"No one spins a web like I do, no one! You think you can tangle webs with me and not suffer for it? I'll let you go on one condition: you manage to beat me at a game of web spinning. *cackle*"

– October 18, 2007
Better Than You

Not much is known personality wise, but judging by his Better Than You quotes, he seems to be fairly cocky. Based on other quotes, he seems to be fairly sadistic, taking pleasure in taking the lives of Neopians for his supper, and even cracking jokes about it.

He seems to take pride in his web-spinning skills, bragging that there is no one better than him at it.


  • Spidergrundo battle
    Arachnomorph Powers:
     A term used by Dr. Sloth, he now has the abilities of spiders. Being part spider, he is able to spin strong webs capable of trapping full-sized Neopians, and even coating himself for protection, and in "Better Than You" seems to pride himself on his web-spinning skills. He also has long spider legs which can be used in attack and to scale walls.
  • Combat: The Spider Grundo's difficulty ranges from 175 (on easy) to 280 (on hard) despite having fairly weak weapons. His combat profile can be viewed here.

Random Events



  • Spider Grundo might be a twisted parody of Spiderman.
  • Although the location of his cave is unknown, there is some evidence it may be somewhere in The Haunted Woods, as he appears in the Haunted Woods Battledome, and many items related to him can be found there.

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