Want a Speckled pet?

The following NeoPets can be changed to have the speckled style:

Acara here, Aisha here, Blumaroo here, Bori here, Bruce here, Buzz here, Chomby here, Cybunny here, Draik here, Elephante here, Eyrie here, Flotsam here, Gelert here, Grarrl here, Grundo here, Hissi here, Ixi here, Jetsam here, Kacheek here, Kau here, Kiko here, Krawk here, Kyrii here, Lenny here, Lupe here, Meerca here, Moehog here, Mynci here, Nimmo here, Peophin here], Pteri here, Quiggle here, Ruki here, Scorchio here, Shoyru here, Skeith here, Techo here, Tonu here, Tuskaninny here, Uni here, Usul here, Yurble here and Zafara here.

All of the speckled pets are green with white speckles or dots, except the Speckled Usul which is light brown with red speckles.

You can get a Speckled pet through a Fountain Faerie Quest, the Lab Ray, a Speckled Paint Brush, for around 45,000NP, or through a Morphing Potion.


If you feed your pet any food with the word "Speckled" in it you will receive the Speckled Avatar. The cheapest food items are"Speckled Doughnut", "Speckled Hot Dog" and "Speckled Candy Floss".


There are around 40 different "Speckled" items ranging from "Speckled Uni Milkshake" to "Speckled Scorchio Punching Bag" to "Speckled Shoyru Morphing Potion.

Neopets Merchandise

  • Speckled Shoyru Plushie
  • Speckled Aisha Plushie
  • Speckled Gelert Plushie
  • Speckled Bruce Plushie
  • Speckled Acara Plushie
  • Speckled Scorchio Plushie
  • Speckled Uni Plushie
  • Speckled Elephante Plushie
  • Speckled Quiggle Plushie

Note - not all of these are still available.

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