Space Armour Shop

The Space Armour Shop is located on the supply deck of the Virtupets Space Station and is run by a red Grundo. This shop is the perfect place for you to pick up some space themed items for defending yourself in the battledome.


The following items can be purchased in the space armour shop;

  • MegaTon Bracelet
  • Ghoulish Mask
  • Ocularimplant
  • Grundo X2000 Chestplate
  • Virtupets X-514 Super Shield
  • Arm Shield
  • Space Goggle Helmet
  • Dream Orb
  • Shoulder Armour
  • Bandolaro
  • Electro Shield
  • Transporter Helmet
  • Seek Visor
  • Proto-force 5000 Helmet
  • Accelerator Helmet
  • Roboto Shoulders
  • Chest armour
  • Grundo Defender

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