The Soup Kitchen in the Neopian Marketplace is where the kind Soup Faerie distributes food to all the poor NeoPets. You can find it here.

The Soup Faerie

To be eligible, you must have less than 3,000 neopoints (including what you're carrying around, what's in your Bank Account, and what you may have in your shop till).


If you are feeding your Pet at the Soup Kitchen there is a chance you will be rewarded the Soup Faerie Avatar. If you have too many Neopoints you can offer all of them on trades that are either yours, or worth much more than you have. Once you have the avatar you can cancel the trade.


"Two in a Bowl Mushroom and Chokato - wow!"
"That is really nice tasting soup!"
"Thanks I was really hungry"
"Thanks!!! I needed that!"
"Turnip Broth... thats my favourite kind :)"
"Negg Soup, lovely!"