The Soup Faerie is a kind faerie who runs the Soup Kitchen. She provides free food to all the poor Neopets whose owners have fewer than 3,000 neopoints. (The 3,000 neopoints includes what you are carrying, what is in your shop till, and what is in your Bank Account.)

Much like Santa Claus, the Soup Faerie knows all, and can tell how many neopoints you have. However, you can fool the Soup Faerie by making a lowball trade offer for an extremely expensive item at the trading post, or on your own trades before you go to the Soup Kitchen, and then retract your offer after getting the soup and the avatar.

You are allowed to visit the Soup Faerie on your side accounts.


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The most humble of all the faeries, the Soup Faerie is known throughout Neopia for her generosity and kindness. With a magical cauldron always full to the brim with a warm meal, she makes sure no resident of Neopia will ever go hungry.

The pets waiting outside her small home in the Neopian Marketplace often form a long line, as new residents are always appearing in Neopia. Once they get a warm bowl of soup, and a reassuring kiss on the forehead from the kind faerie, they sit on the grassy, rolling hills and eat their fill.


If you feed your pet at the Soup Kitchen, you will receive the Soup Faerie Avatar. This Avatar is random, and may take a few attempts.



Flying Soup Faerie Doll


Broken Soup Faerie Snowglobe
Soup Faerie (TCG)
Soup Faerie Apron
Soup Faerie Book
Soup Faerie Bowl
Soup Faerie Mushroom
Soup Faerie Plushie
Soup Faerie Shirt
Soup Faerie Snowglobe
Soup Faerie Soup
Soup Faerie Spoon
Soup Faerie Usuki
Stained Glass Soup Faerie Window
The Soup Faerie


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You can learn how to draw the Soup Faerie here.

  • Soup Faerie is also a member of TNT. She draws many of the Neopets images, and it is unknown whether she took her name from the Soup Faerie, or the other way around.