Name Sophie
home Haunted Woods

(Werelupe Woods in The Darkest Faerie PS2)

Species Ixi
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Sophie is interested in both her Meowclops and potion making, as you can see from her full potion cabinet at her shack.


She spent her early life in Neovia, but left as the town became cursed, she was then tutored by Ilere. Some time later, she helped to cure Neovia's curse. She was in The Tale Of The Woe plot and the PS2 game The Darkest Faerie. But in the PS2 she lived in Werelupe Woods and in the plot she lives in a swamp in the Haunted Woods.


  • Sophie Plushie
  • Young Sophie Plushie
  • Sophies Elixir
  • Sophies Wooden Spoon
  • Sophies Magic Hat
  • Displeased Sophie New Year Doll
  • Sophie The Swamp Witch (TGC)
  • Sophies Whim (TGC)
  • Sophie (TGC)
  • Sophie The Swamp Witch (Neodeck Card


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