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So called for the snuffling noise it makes when it is searching the ground for food.
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The Snuffly is a Petpet on Neopets.


Weight - 1 lbs.
Rarity - 74
Estimated Value: 2,876 NP


  • All About Snufflies
  • Darigan Snuffly Action Figure
  • Snuffly Blanket
  • Snuffly Folder
  • Snuffly Hat (NC)
  • Snuffly Markers
  • Snuffly Pencil Case
  • Snuffly Petpet Bed
  • Snuffly Petpet Bowl
  • Snuffly Plushie
  • Snuffly Stapler
  • Snuffly Usuki Set
  • Snuffly Wind Up Toy
  • Wooden Snuffly Totem


  • None

Cooking Pot

  • None


  • If you visit the look-up of a pet with a 300+ day old Snuffly as a Petpet you will get the Snuffly Avatar. To get this try here, here, or here.

Game Appearances

Available Colors

  • SPECIAL NOTE: Once painted with a Grey Petpet Paint Brush, the Snuffly is called a Sniffly, instead of being called a Grey Snuffly.

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