Smug Bug Smite
Neopoint-bag 1.00 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Medium
Iaza14042565375008 Neopia Central
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Smug Bug Smite is an Action game from Neopia Central on Neopets.

Site Description

" The Bug Brothers have some of the stickiest fingers in Neopia – they just can't resist grabbing Neopoints out of the pockets and purses of unsuspecting Neopians. Here's your chance to teach these insidious insect siblings a lesson and return the stolen money to its rightful owners. Choose your weapon, take aim, and start doling out some justice to those smug bugs! After the Bug Brothers take all of your Neopoints they are ready and willing to fight you for more in the Battledome! "


  • This game has a difficulty of medium
  • This game has a ribbon for 10 million plays