The Slymook is a Spooky Petpet available here, or from the Shop Wizard for around 2,500NP.

The slightly more agile cousin of Slorgs. With 20% less slime too!

This Petpet can also be Glowing.

There is one item associated with the Slymook; "Slymook (TCG)".

On April 1st, 2005 the Slymook was part of one of TNT's April Fool Jokes.  TNT claimed to have released lots of new pets.  On January 6th, 2006, the Lamameeah was released as a Pet, now known as the Gnorbu, and the Duocorn, Slymook and Carmariller were released as Petpets.

You can see all the "posible pets" here.

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