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Slugawoo is an aquatic Petpet available here. It costs approximately 31,000NP on the Shop Wizard.

It is available in a few other colours, such as; Blue, Green, Island, Mutant, Red, White, Yellow.

The description for this Petpet is "Ok so hes not the fastest Petpet in the world, but at least he will never run away :)"


There is one avatar available with this Petpet. IF you visit the look-up of a pet with a Slugawoo as a Petpet you will get the SlugaWOO! Avatar.

Try here,here, or here.


There are a few items relating to this Petpet;

  • Caring For Your Slugawoo
  • Slugawoo (TCG)
  • Slugawoo Adventures
  • Slugawoo Art
  • The Great Slugawoo Mystery

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