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Slorgs may be happy little fellows, but they leave massive slime trails wherever they go.
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The Slorg is a Petpet on Neopets.


Weight - 1 lbs.
Rarity - 45
Estimated Value: 2476 NP


  • If you have a Slorg attached to your pet for 100 or more days, view its look-up to receive the Slorg Avatar
Note This is bought for 750,000NP, and can only be sold for around 600,000NP. I would suggest the Baby Paint Brush which only has a 5,000 NP loss, or to be something you want or will use.


There are currently around 80 items associated with Slorgs, including 9 different TCG cards, 4 different Usuki Sets and 10 different plushies. I will leave you to discover these.


Attack of the Slorgs

In this game you must attack the slorgs who are trying to eat your crops. You must use Slorg-be-gone to shoot Slorgs in groups of 3 or more.

Type Marrow to get an extra life. You can only use this once per game.
Type Chargex4 to recharge your laser. You can use this multiple times.

You can play this game here.

Slorgs in Space

This game is very similar to the one above, except this time they are attacking space. You can play here.

Feed Florg

Slorgs are one of the Petpets the Florg likes eating. For every slorg Florg eats you will receive 10 points. You can play here.

Cooking Pot

Meowclops + Slorg = Slorgclops

Available Colors



  • TNT accidently made a second image for the red Slorg without realising a different one already existed. You can see the difference by viewing the original, and the second Slorg. Red Slorgs can only be won in Test Your Strength.
  • You can learn how to draw a slorg here.
  • Real life Slorg plushies are available to buy. They are currently available in Pink, Blue, and Green.
  • If you click on a Slorg here you will receive neopoints.