Faerie 9 Siyana
Name Siyana
Species Light Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Also known as the First to Rise.


Siyana had once saved an entire village of farmers from bandits, despite being injured herself. When the thieves had been hoping for a successful night attack, Siyana reached the town beforehand and woke the villagers by emitting an intense light.

After the farmers had chased the bandits away, a Kacheek named Florin told Siyana about a Lupe who was looking for noble people to help him with his quest. Siyana was already friends with Jerdana, and shortly afterward, she became one of the twelve founders of Altador.

She has raised an Alabriss called Ally from birth. In The Darkest Faerie Playstation 2 video game, Siyana's Statue has a inscription: "Faerie who drives darkness from the land. Sunlight and growth are hers command."

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