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The most popular pet species in Neopia is the Shoyru. As of November 2009, over 15 million Shoyrus have been created in Neopia, making nearly 6 1/2 percent of all Neopets. Shoyrus love to fly, spending a lot of time on the wing. They seem equally adept at flying by day and by night, although it seems young Shoyrus are not necessarily born with this ability and it has to be practiced. They make rewarding friends, but can show a fiery temper if mistreated.[1]

Shoyru day is the 2nd of April (the month of Eating).

Site description: "The Shoyru is fiery little creature. Treat him right and you will have a friend for life, but if you are mean to him he will never forget it."[2]


Shoyrus resemble a baby dragon. The first Shoyru design was actually based on the Pokémon Mew, but Nintendo claimed copyright, which caused Neopets to add dragon-like features in order to avoid a lawsuit. However, it now closely resembles a "chibi" version of another Pokémon, Dragonite .

Shoyrus can be the following styles;

8-BitBaby, Blue, Brown, Camouflage, Checkered, Chocolate, Christmas, Cloud, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Electric, Eventide , Faerie, Fire, Ghost, Glowing , Gold, Green, Grey, Halloween, Ice, Invisible, Island, Jelly, Magma , Maractite , Maraquan, Mutant, Marble, Orange, Origami, Pink, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Pastel, Rainbow, Red, Relic , Robot, Royal, Shadow, Silver, Sketch, Skunk, Snot, Snow, Speckled, Split, Sponge, Spotted, Starry, Strawberry, Striped, Stealthy, Tyrannian, Toy, White, Woodland, Wraith, Yellow, and Zombie.

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Jubble Bubble

In this game you must help Kelby, the Maraquan Shoyru to blow bubbles in order to cushion the fall of the JubJubs. You can play here.


Famous Shoyrus


  • Donna Williams' original job description, as listed in the first incarnation of the About Us page, included "making sure that your Shoyru has two eyes".
  • Despite the species' popularity, no Shoyru has ever been one of the main protagonists (or antagonists) in a plot, though many have had minor supporting roles.
  • It's speculated that the species name might originally have been connected to the Japanese word "ryu", meaning "dragon".


There are around 175 Items associated with the Shoyru. These include;

23 Books
20 Clothing Items
1 Collectable Card
2 Grooming Items
13 Plushies
24 Toys
4 Trading Cards (TCG)'s

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The Shoyru was first createable by Neopian owners on April 20th, 2000.

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