The Shop Wizard is a JubJub who sits in a tent in the Market Square. He will search all the shops owned by Neopets players for you. However, when you are on a faerie quest, the Wizard will not let you use the shop wizard. Also, you can get 60 minute bans from using the shop wizard.


There are multiple reasons to visit the Shop Wizard:

  1. to find a shop that sells what you want inexpensively
  2. to help set prices for your shop
  3. to identify related items (you can also use the search field)

To find an item at an inexpensive price

To use the Shop Wizard most effectively, search once with the exact name of the item, and take a look at the lowest price. Then go back, and search again, using the lowest price as the maximum you are willing to pay for that object. This can often find you bargains.

To help set prices


Super Shop Wizard

Do an exact search for the item a couple of times to get an idea of the range of prices that other people are selling it for.

To find related items

Don't specify an exact search. Use key words and find related items.

How to use the Shop Wizard

The Shop Wizard is at

The Shop Wizard asks:

"What are you looking for?"

You fill in all or part of the name of the item. The search is not case sensitive so you can type ball or Ball or BALL. But, the search is for exactly those letters, so you cannot type baall to get ball.

By default, the Wizard searches shops, but you can request a gallery search instead. Galleries will let you see items, but not buy them.

You get to decide whether to do an exact search of for the phrase. So an exact search for ball would bring up only items named ball, but a search "containing my phrase" (the default) may also look for Basketball, Chomby and the Fungus Balls or Red Yarnball. See the uses section above for advice about which to use.

Finally, you can set a minimum and maximum price. For example, if you put the minimum price as 10 NP, the maximum price as 100 NP and the search text as "jelly", the Shop Wizard will search for anything that has jelly in the name and is between 10 NP to 100NP, like Strawberry Jelly for 12 NP