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Shadow is a Neopets colour. The following pets can be changed to shadow, the links after each pet will show

The Shadow paint brush, the alternate to the color Black.

you an image of the painted pet:
Acara [1], Aisha [2], Blumaroo [3], Bori [4], Bruce [5], Chomby [[6] Cybunny, [7], Draik [8], Elephante [9], Eyrie [10], Flotsam [11], Gelert [12], Gnorbu [13], Grarrl [14], Grundo [15], Hissi [16], Ixi [17], Jetsam [18], JubJub [19], Kacheek [20], Kau [21], Kiko [22], Koi [23], Korbat [24], Kougra [25], Krawk [26], Kyrii [27], Lenny [28], Lupe [29], Meerca [30], Moehog [31], Mynci [32], Nimmo [33], Ogrin Peophin [34], Poogle [35], Pteri [36], Ruki [37], Scorchio [38], Shoyru [39], Skeith [40], Techo [41], Tonu [42],Tuskaninny[43],Uni [43], Wocky Xweetok [44], Yurble [45], and Zafara [46].

How to get a Shadow Pet

Shadow Shoyru Morphing Potion
Shadow Lenny Morphing Potion
Shadow Yurble Morphing Potion
Shadow Ogrin Morphing Potion
Shadow Ruki Morphing Potion
Shadow Blumaroo Morphing Potion
Shadow Chomby Morphing Potion
Shadow Ixi Morphing Potion
  • Through a Secret Lab Zap
  • Through a trade/adoption.

Neopedia Articles

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