Every Neopets game has a scoreboard showing the top scores for each game. At some point you may notice that the scores look strangely low for certain game.

This is due to the scores being reset at 11.50PM on the last day of each month, which completely clears every single high score. This allows different people to get on the score list though it's still difficult due to being so competitive.

Watch out for when this day comes buy as it's a great opportunity for you, firstly if you're first second or third on any respective board then you get some neopoints for every day you manage to hold such a spot. You will be paid at 11.50PM if you suceed.

Game Avatars

A few games, namely Maths Nightmare and Escape from Meridell Castle have avatars associated with them. But these avatars require you to be on the top 50 of the high score list. After scores reset night, the high score list will be at their lowest making it a great opportunity to go for it. You just need to hold your place in the top 50 until 11.50pm.

This may be a good opportunity to try for other game avatars as then you may also manage a trophy at the same time though it's difficult.

Game Trophies

Another possible achievement is to get some game trophies. These are easiest to achieve right after scores have been reset though it's still competitive so you need to try hard in order to achieve.

You get a gold one if you are in the top 3 on the high score list.

Silver if you're between 4th and 10th

Bronze is between 10th and 17th

Any lower than that and you don't get anything unfortunately.