Scorchy slots

Fantastic prizes could be yours with every spin of these slots! Win NP, faeries, and treasure map pieces from this crazy slot machine. Also, if you complete the Volcano feature, you’ll win an extra prize! It costs 5 Neopoints per play

How to Play

The object is to line up three or four icons that are the same in the win row (middle row). Depending on what you line up you win a certain amount of Neopoints or prizes. As you play every once and a while you are allowed to check boxes and hold some icons to have a better chance of winning the next round. You can also win when the numbers all light up on the bottom and the volacano erupts as shown in the screenshots below. The numbers light up as you get icons that have little numbers in the corners. They are added together and light up the corresponding numbers on the bottom of the game. These numbers are sometimes rolled over to the next turn and sometimes not.

List of Prizes

  • Three Cherries - 15 Neopoints
  • Three Strawberries - 30 Neopoints
  • Three Grapes - 60 Neopoints
  • Four Cherries - 75 Neopoints
  • Three Melons - 90 Neopoints
  • Three Apples - 120 Neopoints
  • Four Strawberries - 150 Neopoints
  • Three Peaches - 180 Neopoints
  • Three Bells - 240 Neopoints
  • Four Grapes - 300 Neopoints
  • Four Melons - 450 Neopoints
  • Four Apples - 600 Neopoints
  • Three Bags of Gold - 600 Neopoints
  • Four Peaches - 900 Neopoints
  • Four Bells - 1,200 Neopoints
  • Three Map Pieces - 1 Map Piece
  • Three Faeries - 1 Bottled Faerie
  • Four Map Pieces - 3 Map Pieces
  • Four Faeries - 6 Bottled Faeries
  • Four Bags of Gold - Jackpot