Sasha (also known as The Dancer) is a famous Cybunny dancer and one of the 12 heroes of Altador.



In her hometown, a fierce storm ravaged the long-awaited festival, but Sasha danced away, striking hope and inspiration into the hearts of the villagers. It was for this reason that King Altador welcomed her as a protector.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Apart from her Hall of Heroes statue, Sasha does not make an physically appearance in the game.

Altador Plot

Sasha's Constellation Clue

Sasha's Constellation Clue

On April 6, 2006, the Disco Club opened in the Altadorian Archives. Clicking the link takes you to a page with an image of the Club President. In the background, to the right of the disco ball, click on one of the six spots of light that form a circle. Doing so will reveal a constellation. Head up to the Observatory to find The Dancer. After it is found, the gems above Sasha's statue glow and her chapter is added to the Book of Ages.

At the end of the plot, after the history hiding spell is lifted, Sasha arrive in the Hall of Heroes (with her arrive also King Altador, Jerdana, Siyana, Gordos and Kelland), but users have no interaction with her.


  • Sasha Music Box
  • Sasha Plushie
  • Sasha Stamp
  • Sasha the Dancer (TCG)


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