Sally is a little girl from the Battle For Meridell plot.


At some point she found a feral, amnesiac Lord Darigan, and not realizing who he was, took him in, hiding him in his parent's barn, and naming him "Mr. Scary." Her parents, falsely believing him to be an imaginary friend, allowed this, and even let her take leftover food out to him.

Eventually, when Darigan Citadel attacked Meridell, Lord Darigan came out and attacked the soldiers harming Sally, which caused him to regain his memories.


Sally is a usul with a bluish-green mane, blue eyes, and orange hair. She wears a red shirt and purple skirt.


Being a child, she is fairly innocent-minded. She was kind enough to hide and take care of Lord Darigan, even though he frightened her, and clearly didn't remember who he was.

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