Sakhmet Solitaire
is the card game that's on almost all computers. You start with a draw pile, and 7 build piles -- with only the top card showing. The pile on the left has only the 1 card that is turned face up, but the pile next to it has one card down ad one up, the next has 2 cards down and one up, until the 7th pile with 6 cards down and one up. The object is to build the target piles, starting with the aces as the low cards and going up to the king of the same suit.

You can choose as you enter the game to flip 1 card at a time from the draw pile (and then you only get to go through it once) or three (and go through it 3 times).

It costs 50 neopoints to play, and if you abandon or quit the game you don't get your neopoints back. You win neopoints as you put cards onto the build piles -- 20 neopoints for aces and 10 for each of the other cards. Winning the game -- stacking all 52 cards onto the build piles -- gives 860 points.

There is a daily limit on your winnings of 2,500 NP. After that, you can continue to play for free, but will not win anything.

Neopets rates this game as an easy one in the category of luck/chance.

The trophies for Sakhmet Solitaire are based on winning the game, not points compared to other players. A win gives the bronze trophy, five wins gives the silver trophy, and the gold trophy is earned by winning two games in a row.

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