Roo Island (New Look)

Roo Island's New Look

King Roo

King Roo

Roo Island is a small island off the coast of Neopia Central. It is inhabited mostly by Blumaroos. The island is ruled by King Roo.

Places of Interest

Roo island crest

The Roo Island Altador Cup crest.

Notable Residents

Altador Cup

Main article: Altador Cup

Every year, Roo Island puts forward a team for the Altador cup. They were the champions of Altador Cup III (2008), as well as placing 2nd in Altador Cup II (2007), and 4th in Altador Cup V (2010).

Dedicated fans are known as Rooligans.


During Daily Dare 2012, Roo Island was slowly taken over by Strange Bugs from the new games room. The bugs eventually completely covered the island. When they left, the new look of the island was uncovered.

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