Rock Beast neodeck
The Rock Beast was a monster of the Lost Desert and the boss challenger of the war during the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin plot, brought to life by the Staff of Alhasutek. If it hadn't been defeated, Doctor Sloth's plan to take over the world using its power would probably have succeeded.

Under the name Rock Monsters, many Rock Beasts attacked Shenkuu and the Lost Desert in search of magical amulets during the events of Neopets Puzzle Adventure. They were working for the shaman, Tura-Kepek. A notable Rock Beast is called Calciferus.


Brucey B and the Lucky Coin

The Rock Beast was animated by Dr. Sloth with the Staff of Alhasutek to put down the Sakhmet defence, though it was eventually defeated, leading to Sloth's departure.


  • The Rock Beast was given a Gallery of Evil entry, but it was removed on July 10, 2001.


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