Robot is one of the colours that pets and petpets can have.

The following pets can be robot:

Acara, Aisha, Blumaroo, Bori, Bruce (pictured)
Bruce robot happy

This is the new Robotic Bruce. It has been released in tandem with the Lawyerbot avatar. This photograph is from The Daily Neopets (TDN) site.

, Buzz, Chia, Chomby, Cybunny, Draik, Gelert, Gnorbu, Grarrl, Grundo, Ixi, Jetsam, JubJub, Kacheek, Kau, Kiko, Koi, Kougra, Kyrii, Lenny, Lupe, Lutari, Meerca, Moehog, Mynci, Nimmo, Peophin, Poogle, Pteri, Ruki Shoyru, Skeith, Tuskaninny, Uni, Usul, Wocky, Zafara

Here are some of the petpets that can be robot:

Buzzer, Uniocto, Snorkle, Angelpuss, Spirkle, Noil, Kadoatie, Warf, Boween, Cobrall, Cirrus, Harris, Abominable Snowball, Poppit, Doglefox, Mallard, Spyder, Snowbunny, Anubis, Reptillior, Ghostkerchief, Meowclops, Turdle, Faellie, Gallion, Weewoo, Feepit, Snowickle, Zomutt, Blobagus, Crabula, Meepit, Cyodrake, Gangee, Ownow, Darpinch, Peadackle, Lyins, Sauropod, Fungree, Hopso, Mirgle, Plathydon, Pandaphant, Symol, Sklyde, Bika, Ona, Urgoni


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