Boa reginald
is a Lupe, and the elder brother of Sophie. He saved her from angry townspeople who blamed her family for the side effects of some potions sold by a mysterious Krawk.


Parents: Edmund and Alice
Brother: Bruno
Sister: Sophie


An intelligent young Lupe, who is the son of Edmund and Alice and brother to Bruno and Sophie. He was intelligent even before he drank the elixir that caused the citizens of Neovia to change terribly. After the citizens went after Reginald's family, Reginald took his sister Sophie, the only one not affected by the curse, to the Haunted Woods into the care of Ilere the Earth Faerie. 


  • Reginald (TCG)
  • Reginald Plushie.
  • Tale of Woe: The Untold Story - by Reginald (Autographed Copy).


  • Reginald was the answer to the Daily Puzzle on the 17th day of Swimming, Y9 ("What is the name of Bruno and Sophie’s brother?").
  • Ilere.
  • Tale of Woe plot.

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