Razul left
Name Razul
home Qasala
Species Kyrii
Gender Male
Alignment Evil

Razul was once the ruler of Qasala .


Razul appears as the undead flaming skeleton of a kyrii wearing long, black, regal robes and a pharoah's cobra atop his head.


Razul is powerhungry and manipulative, cursing his kingdom and his own son to trick them into reviving him in an attempt to undo the curse.


An ancient sorcerer who was imprisoned by Sakhmet long ago. Desperate for power, was wiling to curse his own city and his own son, Jazan, to live again after his death.

He was the Second of the two antagonists of the Lost Desert Plot (After the first, his son Jazan, became good), where he was resurrected and then destroyed.


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