Sometimes you'll get a note at the top of a Neopets page that "something has happened". These random events (RE's) can result in a change of status for your pet, the opportunity to perform a faerie quest, and the gain/loss of a new item or neopoints.

You can affect the chances of some random events, and others will only occur under certain circumstances. For instance, you will only get the Soup Faerie avatar when you visit her and get food, but it's considered random. You may have to go back multiple times before the RE occurs.

Random events can often be unpleasant, resulting in the loss of inventory items or neopoints. It is thus unwise to keep valuable items in your inventory, and you should put extra neopoints in the bank as quickly as possible - But be warned! Sometimes if you do not have enough neopoints to pay, your balance will drop into the negatives!

Random Events happen all around Neopia. They can either help you, hurt you, scare you, or just amuse you.


There are many different types, including the Ghost Lupe, Pant Devil, Ghosts. There are Neopets who give advice, such as Chias, Kougras, and Blumaroos. They also include Faerie Quests and healings of your pet. If you are lucky you may even find a bag of neopoints! You also could find random items, or get a random request from your pet such as, "Your pet is bored, why don't you play Destruct-O-Match II?"

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