The Raindorf is a Wintery Petpet available here, or from the Shop Wizard for around
Raindorf brown

This Petpet starts in Brown, but is also available in Cloud, Darigan, Faerie, Fire, Green, Island, Mutant, Plushie, Sketch, Snow and Yellow

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League in Week 78.

You can learn to draw the Raindorf here.


  • Faerie Raindorf Plushie
  • Green Raindorf Plushie
  • Holiday Cut Out Raindorf
  • How to Draw a Raindorf
  • Raindorf Feeding Bowl
  • Raindorf Petpet Bed
  • Raindorf Plushie
  • Raindorf Scratching Rug

Neocash Items

  • Raindorf Ears


When the Raindorf was first released it would only say its name when you spoke to it. This has now been fixed.

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