The Rainbow Fountain is located in Faerieland, and is one of the places you can change the style of your pet. It's not that easy to get painted from there, you have to wait for

the new rainbow fountain

the Fountain Faerie to give you a quest. The item she asks for will probably be very expensive, which is why you should see if it's worth it or not. Once you give her the item, one pet will be able to get painted. Her quests are also very rare.

If you visit the fountain when you have not been given a quest, the faerie will state that all the magical power is currently used up.

You can paint your pet any colour except MSP, Royal, Sponge, Ice, Usuki, Quiguki and Robot at the Rainbow Fountain.

It is possible to get the Buzzin avatar if you paint your buzz at the Rainbow fountain.


After you complete the Fountain Faerie's quest, she will ask you what colour your pet wants to be painted (Your selected pet should be your active pet.) Here, I'm painting my blue Aisha . You should open a new tab or window to the Rainbow Pool and select "All Neopet Colours" and your pet species or colour you want so you can bowse the avalible colours, if you don't already know what they look like and which one you want. I chose the colour desert. If you're sure, press "Get my new Colour!" Your pet will take a dip in the Rainbow Pool, and come out with a different colour.


  • Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water
  • Rainbow Fountain
  • Rainbow Fountain Background
  • Rainbow Fountain Burger
  • Rainbow Fountain Card
  • Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll
  • The Rainbow Fountain


Key Quest

The Rainbow Fountain Water Power-up Allows You To change any player's key colour, including your own, to a different colour.

Upon using it, you will be asked which player to use the item on. You will then be able to exchange one of their key colors for another color.


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