This delicate Petpet is a good pet for a Neopet that is very gentle.
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Weight - 1 lb.
Rarity - 76
Estimated Value - 4289 NP


  • Quintilc Throwing Star

Available Colors

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  • During a special themed day called "Origami Blowout!" the Quintilc was released with other Oragami-themed items
  • The red Quineilc won the PPL award on January 12, 2012 (week 432)
  • Quintilc was released during Oragami Blowout on November 28, 2007
  • Quintilc was available in black since May 29, 2008
  • Quintilc was available in blue, brown, green and yellow since April 18, 2008

External Links

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