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Qasalan Expellibox
is a game of chance. You can only play it once per eight hours. One of the possible prizes is Neocash. Drop a scarab by clicking on the button at the top, and depending on where it lands, you may get a prize.

If you try to try the Qasalan Expellibox in less that 8 hours, this message will be displayed: What are you doing?! You can't just dump them in there! It's a series of tubes! Bring that scarab back tomorrow and you can deposit it then.

Qasalan Expellibox Prizes

Jackpot!: Earn 5,000 neopoints or 150 neocash.

NP: Earn 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 neopoints.

Item: You recieve an item.

X: You get NOTHING!

Skull: Your pet gains Reptillioritus disease or all your pets lose half their health!

Where your scarab lands is entirely up to luck.

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