Correct Pronounciation:
Name Psellia
home Faerieland
Profession Founder of Altador
Species Air Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Psellia is an Air Faerie. She caught Jeran, the Meridell knight, after he was thrown from the Darigan Citadel, rescuing him from what would have been a horrible fall to his possible death. She is also one of the 12 founders of Altador and has her own constellation known as The Dreamer.


Goh home
Gallery of Heroes Description

Not much is known about this mysterious air faerie who aided Meridell during their war against the forces of Lord Kass. It was through her efforts that the dark clouds were whisked away, and the sun shone down on the brave knights of Meridell as they attacked the citadel.

It was also Psellia who rescued Jeran, Meridell's greatest knight, as he fell from the Citadel after being thrown off by Lord Kass. Thanks to her, Jeran was brought back to Meridell Castle safely.

Psellia doesn’t come down to Neopia often, preferring to spend all her time in the clouds above Neopia. Instead, she sends messages to the world below through her magic Harris, giving them little gifts to bestow to those worthy of her attentions.

Psellia is also known to have saved a Harris when he fell off of a cloud in Faerieland, as well. They both lived through this.

She clearly met King Altador at one point, as she is one of the twelve founders of Altador.

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