"Knowledge is not just found in libraries, laboratories, or epistolary correspondence."

– Professor Lambert's words during the "Seeker" trailer

Professor Lambert
Large 244 LAMBERT
Name Professor Lambert
Profession Scholar
Head of the Seekers Faction
Species Gnorbu
Gender Male
Alignment Knowledge

Professor Lambert is one of the characters in The Mysterious Obelisk plot. He is affiliated with and the leader of the Seekers.


Lambert is a pink Gnorbu. He has brown hair and wears glasses. He wears a purple tailcoat and a purple suit pants. He carries a golden pocket watch and an umbrella with him.


"Wise Of You To Seek Us.
Well -- here you are, and here we are, with the greatest collection of minds Neopia has ever known. Don't be shy. We have much to teach you."

– Professor Lambert's introduction to you when deciding to join the Seekers.

"Yes, hmm. It seems there will be fighting. I've devised a plan, but please arrange strategies of your own, in case we are drawn apart in the chaos."

– Professor Lambert's dialogue before the war begins in "The Mysterious Obelisk" plot.

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