Princess Sankara
Name Princess Sankara
home Khamtef
Species Aisha
Gender Female
Alignment Evil

Princess Sankara is the sole surviving heir to the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty. When she was a child, her kingdom was invaded by the evil King Heksas of the lower Mentu region in the Lost Desert. Her father, King Sobek the wise, decided to stay with his people rather than flee. He made his daughter flee to Sakhmet to be recieved by King Coltzan III. When Sankara heard the news of her parent's deaths, Coltzan offered her a position on his court, which she accepted. Ever since, Princess Sankara has been dreaming about leading an army to defeat the evil king, but King Coltzan believed she was too young to accomplish the task.

Nearly ten years later, in Y2, Princess Sankara killed Coltzan in the Usurper plot. With his eldest daughter out of town on business, Princess Vyssa became temporary queen. Vyssa was of similar age to Sankara and she hoped that Vyssa would supply her with the army she needed. After her guilt was found, she managed to flee.

In the Search for the Crown plot in Y3, Princess Sankara was found as an accomplice in stealing Coltzan's Crown and was arrested.

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