Princess Fernypoo
Princess Fernypoo
is an Acara. She likes to play Cheat!

"Show me a gracious loser and I'll show you someone who gets beat alot." ~Princess Fernypoo

Princess Fernypoo, a blue Acara, is best known as a competitive Cheat! player on Neopets. At only fourteen years old, this seemingly sweet and demure young princess has become a top Cheat! player and is, literally, worshipped by most other Acaras (and you can see why! She's so cool!) However, well, surrounded by idiots and Cheat!ers as she is, she kind of has a tendency to lose her temper. And when she does, heads tend to roll.

As a young girl, Princess Fernypoo was very proud of her Cheat! abilities, as she had beaten every servant in the castle. However, upon discovering that her father had ordered them to lose, the outraged Fernypoo stormed out of the castle to prove herself by becoming the top Cheat! player. She struggled in her first few tournaments, but after a while her stubborn determination to show her worth and natural talent began coming through and she quickly rose through the ranks.

She has yet to beat the current Cheat! champion, Spectre (only because he's a lying Cheat!er!), but many, many loyal fans know in their hearts that she will soon have her day.

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