Princess Amira
Name Princess Amira
Profession Ruler of Sakhmet
Species Aisha
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Daughter of the assassinated King Coltzan III, Princess Amira is the current ruler of Sakhmet. She was out on official business when her father was killed, so her younger sister Princess Vyssa temporarily took her place as ruler. Princess Amira is -known as an elegant and efficient ruler. She has turned Sakhmet into a law-abiding place and brought peace to the citizens, which she finds incredibly boring. Princess Amira turns down any suitors and has no intention of getting married. In the Lost Desert Plot, Jazan tries to marry Princess Amira and even goes as far as trapping Sakhmet in another dimension to persuade her. Princess Amira says, "You will never frighten me into marriage!" and continued to refuse.


Wiki Neopedia ID: 18 Hebrew (עברית): Dutch:
中文: 阿米拉公主 Babyish:Prinçes Amira

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