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 Pound Surfing refers to the act of looking through the pound to find unusually nice pets.

These pets will usually have a nice name and a nice colour or are limited edition.

Pound Board

On the pound board there is usually one labelled 'Pound surfing' or something similar. The pound can be decribed as wet if they think it's particularly full of nice pets; dry means the opposite. Generally people onn this board will list what they find, assuming they don't wish to keep the pet for themselves if it's particularly nice.

This is thought of as a good place to start trading if you can find something decent that other may like though for trading it will probably require a good name.

Avatar Board

A version of pound surfing is to look exclusively for pets that can give the reciever a pet avatar for owning them.

These include any Grey, Pink, and Snow pets as well as some more specific combos such as:

- A halloween ruki

- A fire blumaroo

- A coconut jubjub

- An orange grundo

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