Every 15 minutes, there's a Poogle race. The races occur on the quarter hour (NST). You can bet on a poogle with up to 300 neopoints.

Poogle Racing is one of the most popular sports in Faerieland, according to the teller anyway.

If you win, you will get an avatar and your money increased by the odds. If you bet on one with 3 to 1 odds, it will
Ctp 38
triple your money.

The poogles have no names, but are referred to as poogle one, or poogle four, only. Their descriptions are listed below.

Poogle One

Lightning quick, and great over jumps, this fighting-fit Poogle is the favourite to win. Odds 3:1.

Poogle Two

If Poogle Two wasnt distracted so easily he could be the fastest Poogle around! Odds 4:1.

Poogle Three

This Poogle exhibits great bursts of speed, but is normally very clumsy when jumping. Odds 5:1.

Poogle Four

Poogle Four used to be a contender, but now he is getting older he has lost his speed and agility on the racetrack. Odds 7:1.

Poogle Five

This chubby Poogle has not been getting much exercise lately, and it shows... Odds 9:1.

This game is very similar to Turdle Racing in that both include betting and five pets to bet on, except turdles are petpets.

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  • View the race: View (may only be available during a race)
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