This game is a simulation game. You manage a factory -- buy materials, hire workers to create plushies, move them from the warehouse to the shop, purchase ads and upgrades for the shop and try to make a profit. Plushie Tycoon, or PT as it is known by a group of experienced players, ends at the end of each month (midnight the last day of the month on NST.)

The prices of the materials and the finished plushies change, and the speed that they sell at changes. You can affect the sales prices by which plushies you choose to make, and the speed by what you made, the ads you purchased and the upgrades you've made to the shop. Also, you can choose when the PT day starts and ends for each game in relationship to real time. Once the game starts, it updates every hour at one minute after the hour from 10:01 a.m. to 5:01 p.m. These updates include prices, sales, employee wages.

It takes patience to play Plushie Tycoon.

Basically, it works better to build in large batches, but you have to keep from going broke before you can sell the batch and get the funds to build the next batch.

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Most of these guides were written by successful players. There are other guides, but the ones listed here have been kept up-to-date and seem to be rather helpful.

  • MapleHood's guide, the most up-to-date as of March 2007
  • charts, how long it take to upload, costs, supplies required for various plushies, etc.
  • Jumjim8975's guide includes links to other guides, changes to the game in August 2005 for material requirements and costs.
  • TampTree's page by m evard. This is one of the more complete guides. It gives a summary and then a very detailed explanation of how to get started. And it links to another guide of how to continue.
  • 10 Step Guide to Plushie Tycoon by evil ptgod Explains how to play fairly concisely.
  • FAQ by FlamingTroll1970.
  • Collecting information about the new scoring techniques - Rhamoz
  • PT New Prizes


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