Plesio is a Flotsam.  He is Captain of the Sea Division of the Tyrannian troops, who long ago fought against the Monoceraptor and his own soldiers in the Tyrannian Invasion War.  Today, however, he is better known for the Wheel of Mediocrity, and Go! Go! Go!


Go! Go! Go!

Plesio loved this game as soon as Myncha told him about it. After hours of practice, he has now become pretty good. You meet him in Round 2, you can play here.


Plesio is the captain of the tyrannian sea division

Wheel of Mediocrity

Plesio runs the Wheel of Mediocrity, you can spin the wheel here.


If you and on 1,000 at the Wheel of Mediocrity you will receive the Mediocrity Avatar which features Plesio.


There are currently 2 items associated with Plesio;

Plesio Plushie


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