Pick Your Own costs 400NP, and allows you to pick your own berries from Meri Acre
Farm. You use the red arrows to navigate around the farm searching for berries. Most items you pick up will be junk, but every now and then you will get a rare berry which you may be able to sell for a pretty profit.

You are only allowed to visit 20 areas of the farm (some may look the same) and you can click anywhere on the map to look for your item (including the sky or even the lake).

Items which can be gained from Pick Your Own:


  • Blue Bomberry
  • Eyeballberry
  • Jumbleberry
  • Conkerberry
  • Purple Felberry
  • Voidberry
  • Red Chiaberry
  • Super Juicy Berry
  • Sniddberry
  • Pusberry
  • Mortogberry
  • Dungberry
  • Tweezleberry
  • Nutritional Blockberry
  • Fishberry
  • Loveberry
  • Dorkleberry
  • Brown Broadberry
  • Unguberry
  • Aquaberry
  • Burritoberry
  • Spoogentberry
  • Orange Graspberry
  • Blandberry
  • Breenutberry
  • Acorberry
  • Autumnberry
  • Dulaberry
  • Umnoberry
  • Orfaberry
  • Meriberry
  • Strebbleberry
  • Variberry
  • Unknown
  • Benyeroberry
  • Yamboberries

Junk Items

  • Bit of Barbed Wire
  • Pile of Dung
  • Piece of Wool
  • Half-eaten Berry
  • Old Boot
  • Rotten Berry

On St Patricks Day (March 17th) the following items can be found;

  • 3 Leaf Clover
  • 4 Leaf Clover
  • 12 Leaf Clover


If you leave the Meri Acres Farm with 6 non-dung items, you will receive the Pick Your Own Avatar. You can click on the dung in your basket to discard it.

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