Pet Trades, or rather, Pet Transfer, is where two users can trade their Neopets, usually by desires of a Pet wearing a rare or unusual coloration scheme, such as Chocolate or Royal. The rules set by NeoPets is clear:

  • One pet transfer per month: This is often misinterpreted, as there have been instances where the rules have changed to four per month. Every transfer's cost in NeoPoints are factored based on the pets' levels, stats and overall health of the Neopets in trading. A trade takes an instant to process, however if a trade does not go through in 72 hours, the pet (and all subsequent charges) are returned to the offerer.
  • No selling for Neopoints, NC, etc. This was determined due to the fact people were pounding their Pets for cash. I have seen guilds of Neofriends where they put their rare or unwanted pet UFT (Up For Trade) where they abandon their Neopets and try and get their Neofriends to adopt them. However, there are instances where an adoption by someone outside their Neofriends take the intended Neopet, and often for the same offensive reasons. The Neopets Team is slightly unaware that users are able to apply such a workaround (a.k.a., users are practically beating around the bush) to avoid freezing.
  • Guilds offering pet trades for cash is a freezable offense!! Neopets strongly discourages such reviled practices and these users have yet to be frozen. I have seen a Newgrounds video on this. However, the video doesn't portray Neopets rules correctly, and I am astonished that person would do such a horrid thing...
  • An account has to be at least one year old before adopting a Pound pet!
  • Both users agree to care for the other's pet permanently! That means, though you got your pet from a Neofriend, for example, you can't just disown it for the heck of it. A pet isn't just for Christmas, it's a lifetime companion!---Neopets Pound

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