The Pawkeet is a Pirate Petpet available from the Shop Wizard for around 65,000NP. “Well known for their love or Deckball, a Pawkeet makes a fun loving pal.”.

This Petpet is available in Blue, Brown, Christmas, Disco, Ghost, Grey, Mutant, Pink, Plushie, Red, Sketch, Snow, and Yellow

In the Curse of Maraqua plot, Garin and Jacques sailed in a vessel known as The Black Pawkeet.

You can learn to draw the Pawkeet here.


  • Black Pawkeet Flag
  • Pawkeet (TCG)
  • Pawkeet Notebook
  • Pawkeet Pillow
  • Plumbeards Attack Pawkeet
  • Replica Black Pawkeet
  • Stuffed Pawkeet Friend
  • The Black Pawkeet (TCG)
  • The Black Pawkeet Background (Neocash Item)
  • The Black Pawkeet Stamp


Black Pawkeet Slots

To play, simply choose the amount you'd like to bet. The minimum bet is 1 NP, while the maximum is 450. You can also choose to play with multiple pay lines, up to 9. Using multiple pay lines will increase your chances of winning; however, your total bet is determined by multiplying your NP bet by the number of pay lines you've chosen, which means that you can lose a great deal more too. Once you have chosen the number of lines and placed your bet, click 'Play' to send the slots spinning! You can play here if you are over 13.

Mynci Beach Volleyball

In this game you must hit the Pawkeet to get power-ups. You can play here

Dubloon Disaster

The legendary Black Pawkeet is the greatest Pirate Ship of all time. You control a rowboat trying to get the dubloons first. You can play here.


You play a Pawkeet trying to score more goals than your opponent. You can play here.

Cooking Pot

Noil + Pawkeet = Noilkeet


You can buy real life Pawkeet Plushies.