Pant Devil
Large 11
Name Pant Devil
Profession Thief
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Evil
The Pant Devil is an evil character that appears to run around Neopia stealing items from innocent users.

You can fight the Pant Devil in the Battledome. He has 21 hp the first time you fight him.

You can protect your items by putting them in your shop or safety deposit box. The items are also safe from theft when they are up for auction or trade.

There's a rumor that if you have a Pant Devil Attractor in your inventory, the Pant Devil will prefer to steal it rather than any other item.


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Gallery of Evil Description

The Pant Devil is a strange fellow, rather than kill his victims he prefers to steal all their possessions and then leave the poor souls weakened for others to finish them off. They have been spotted all over Neopia so keep alert!

The Pant Devil stole a bike from a little girl in The Defenders of Neopia series 1.


If you have an item with an 'Est. Value' of at least 1 million, or items with a combined 'Est Value' of at least 5 million in your inventory and you refresh enough you will receive the I Taunt The Pant Devil Avatar.

Examples are;

9 x Baby Paint Brush
31 x Bibble
46 x Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy
48 x Genie Orb
49 x Mummy Baby
1 x Tiki Armour
1 x Mystery Palm Shield
1 x Clawed Shield
1 x Air Faerie Crown


  • Whoots are able to sense The Pant Devil when it is near.
  • The Pant Devil is in 15 NP items and in 1 NC Mall item as of 15th of August.
  • The Pant Devil also steals Nova Wands every year at the Advent calender as a running gag.


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