Nuranna (unpainted)

The Nuranna is a Petpet released June 8, 2001. It restocks in 'The Neopian Petpet Shop' in Neopia Central .

The Nuranna can be painted Black, Christmas, Disco, Faerie, Fire, Green, Invisible, Pink, Pirate, Red, Split, Spotted, Tyrannian and Yellow. Unpainted it is Blue.

Site Description

This double horned fishy thing can breathe out of water. Nuranna also have the ability to float in mid air for short periods of time.


There are 4 Neopoint items containing 'Nuranna' in the name:

  • Broken Wind Up Nuranna
  • Nuranna Plushie
  • Nuranna with Laserbeams
  • Wind Up Nuranna

There are 3 Neocash items containing 'Nuranna' in the name:

  • Nuranna Bite Shorts
  • Nuranna Face Paint
  • Plush Nuranna Purse


  • You can learn to draw a Nuranna here.

Petpet Colours

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