Desert 10 nightsteed
Name Nightsteed
home Quasala, Lost Desert
Species Uni
Gender Male
Alignment Good
The Nightsteed is a Uni from Qasala.


He sometimes appears in disguise as a Blue Uni.  The Nightsteed first appeared in the Lost Desert Plot, and is the loyal companion to Jazan.  When Qasala got turned into undead monsters the Nightsteed was part of this, however he was unable to escape the curse. Nightsteed however he hardly minded it saying he had gotten used to his appearance.


If you view the look-up of a 30 day + Halloween Uni between 8pm and 6am NST, you will receive the Uni - Nightsteed Avatar.  You can try here, or here.


Dark Nightsteed Poster
Nightsteed (TCG)
Nightsteed Badge
Nightsteed Cake
Nightsteed Mug
Nightsteed T-Shirt
Simplistic Nightsteed Poster
Torn Nightsteed Poster
Who Is The Nightsteed




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