Nerkmids have been around since July 2000, and they are the currency for the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. As a reward for putting a Nerkmid in the vending machine you will get both an item, and Neopoints. The majority of the time the prize is cheap, gross food and a minimal amount of Neopoints, but you can win Paint Brushes if you are lucky.


If you use a Nerkmid in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine here you will receive the Alien Aisha Avatar.


  • Basic Golden Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Magical Golden Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Normal Golden Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Ultra Golden Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Ultra Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Average Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Lesser Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Golden Nerkmid X - 65,000 NP
  • Golden Nerkmid XX - 65,000 NP
  • Good Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Super Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Ultimate Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Basic Platinum Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Normal Platinum Nerkmid - 65,000 NP
  • Ultra Platinum Nerkmid - 65,000 NP

They all have delfated due to the new Cosmic Dome (Part of the Battledome) giving them out.

Reset day is on the first of every month. Expect the prices to rise because of this.

Nerkmid Items

  • Nerkmid Stencil
  • Nerkmid Mania
  • Plain Nerkmid Biscuit
  • Lesser Nerkmid Plushie
  • Average Nerkmid Plushie
  • Iced Nerkmid Biscuit
  • Nerkmid Charm
  • Chocolate Chip Nerkmid Biscuit
  • Super Nerkmid Plushie
  • Sugar Nerkmid Biscuit

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