The Neopian Pound is where users can abandon, adopt or transfer Neopets. Visit the pound through the Pet central drop down list at the top of the page.

Pets always cost a little to adopt, with the number increasing depending on how high their stats were, particularly the level stat.

Accounts under 4 months can only adopt pets that are level one or two and can't adopt restricted or limited edition pets, nor pets painted expensive colours.

You can only pound a pet once per day though you can adopt as many as you can hold (four or five if you have premium.)

For a while you were no longer able to adopt Neopets, if you tried you would get an error message reading "ERROR : The pound is down for maintenance!" The adopt feature had also been disabled for quite a while.

Finally on April 30th, year 10 (2008) the pound began working again, and there was a new feature added allowing you to transfer pets between users, for a fee of 1000 NP. How many transfers you are allowed also depends on account age.

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