Neopian Bazaar

The Neopian Bazaar is a Sub Sector of Neopia Central in Neopia on Neopets.

Sub Locations

  • Wizards Shop (Neopets Trading Card Game)
  • Petpet Supplies
  • Zazzle T-Shirts
  • Neohomes NP Superstore
  • Neopian Health Foods
  • Toy Shop
  • Grooming Parlour
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Defence Magic
  • Usukiland
  • Hubert's Hot Dogs
  • Smoothie Store
  • Unis Clothing Shop
  • Neopian Gift Shop
  • Neopian Garden Centre
  • The Bakery
  • Battle Magic
  • Neopian Furniture
  • Collectable Card Shop

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