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  • Janaethompson

    The Leopets Cometh!

    Leopets is a private community that is dedicated to the nostalgia of pre-conversion Neopets. Whenever it is the 1st of every month, people rush in their applications to get into Le…

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  • Janaethompson


    June 23, 2018 by Janaethompson

    Moglings is the work-in-progress name for a new virtual world being created by Adam and Donna (the original founders of Neopets) and Ollie 'TPOSG' (a programmer who worked at Neopets and made tons of…

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  • Janaethompson

    General Information on Leopets

    What is Leopets? Leopets is a fan tribute to the pre-2007 Neopets. You can create your own Leopets (literally), feed them, groom them, look after them, and watch them gr…

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