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Neopets Premium is paid membership on Neopets that unlocks extra features. You can purchase premium here.


  • Premium Toolbar / bottom bar
    • includes mini-windows and links for Bankroll, Dailies, Super Shop Wizard, Featured Game, Premium Cards, Premium Boards, and Premium FAQ
  • No ads
  • Premium site theme (including an exclusive avatar)
  • Premium Scratchcards weekly
  • 6 total pets
  • Monthly premium TCG cards
  • A new premium wearable every month (counts as a Neocash item)
  • Access to the(mostly dead) Premium boards
  • Space Faerie Charm (randomly doubles neopoints earned from flash games)
  • Premium random events
  • Monthly neopoint rewards
  • Premium featured game (a second featured game that will earn you double the neopoints)
  • Changing your pet’s species (once a year)
    • is very similar to the Charity Corner perk (but with less glitches). (If you made a change on August 1, 2018, you won't be able to swap another species until August 1, 2019.)
    • Unfortunately you cannot species change UCs.
    • If you change your pet to a species that doesn't have the same color, you can pick any colour!
  • 30 gallery categories
  • A Neopets customisation journal
    • You may take up to 6 snapshots of your Neopets per day.